Welcome to the Southeast Mortgagee Advisory Council (SMAC) website!

The Southeast Mortgagee Advisory Council (SMAC) is an industry trade group founded by a small group of FHA Mortgagees prior to the rollout of the FHA Multifamily Accelerated Processing (MAP) Guide. In 2002, the non-profit organization was officially established, under the same name, for the purpose of offering membership to all MAP Lenders and third-party firms who conduct business within HUD’s Region IV offices.

SMAC provides a forum for discussion of MAP underwriting and Asset Management issues as well as the improvement and promotion of the MAP application for transactions located in AlabamaFloridaGeorgiaKentuckyMississippiNorth CarolinaSouth CarolinaTennesseePuerto RicoU.S. Virgin Islands.  

Our mission is to reinforce the partnerships between HUD Regional offices, MAP Lenders, and third-party vendors in order to maintain a clear understanding of regulatory compliance, best practices in FHA-insured lending, and continuing education based on current events.

The Council exists to: (a) Provide a permanent forum for FHA mortgagees active in these Hub office jurisdictions to identify potential improvements in the consistent application of FHA program, underwriting and processing guidelines; (b) Develop and present to HUD leadership and staff potential solutions representing the shared position of the participating mortgagees; and (c) Provide the respective Hub offices with regular access to a group of active mortgagees for the purpose of a dialogue on issues related to the administration of the FHA mortgage insurance programs. 

 The Council expressly does not exist to: (a) Discuss or set any anti-competitive terms or conditions under which FHA-insured mortgages will be marketed or funded; (b) Discuss or promote any individual loan in which any participating mortgagee has interest; and (c) Promote issues that are of interest only to one participating mortgagee.


The Benefits of Membership

Your organization's SMAC membership Includes:

  • Access to registration for the annual conference.

  • Access to registration for any supplemental
    MAP training sessions throughout the year.

  • Participation in peer networking at SMAC -
    sponsored events.

  • Access to SMAC's digital resource library.

What We Do

SMAC's Primary Mission is to:

  • Enable effective communication between 
    HUD and its stakeholders.

  • Facilitate training for HUD staff, MAP
    lenders, and other industry partners.

  • Support collaboration between industry

  • Provide a single, cohesive voice on
    behalf of its members organization.