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Please pardon our progress as we are in the process of building a brand new SMAC website.

Welcome to the Southeast Mortgagee Advisory Council (SMAC) website. The Southeast Mortgagee Advisory Council is established to provide constructive advice and support to HUD's Multifamily Hub office leadership and staff, to improve the effective delivery of the FHA multifamily insurance program in the Atlanta, Greensboro and Jacksonville Multifamily Housing Hubs.

The Council exists to: (a) Provide a permanent forum for FHA mortgagees active in these Hub office jurisdictions to identify potential improvements in the consistent application of FHA program, underwriting and processing guidelines; (b) Develop and present to HUD leadership and staff potential solutions representing the shared position of the participating mortgagees; and (c) Provide the respective Hub offices with regular access to a group of active mortgagees for the purpose of a dialogue on issues related to the administration of the FHA mortgage insurance programs.

The Council expressly does not exist to: (a) Discuss or set any anti-competitive terms or conditions under which FHA-insured mortgages will be marketed or funded; (b) Discuss or promote any individual loan in which any participating mortgagee has interest; and (c) Promote issues that are of interest only to one participating mortgagee.


SMAC Officers/Board Members 2018-2020

President – Bob Warren, Berkadia Commercial Mortgage
1st Vice President – Jennifer Doran Massey, Highland Commercial Mortgage
2nd Vice President – Mark Eidson, PGIM Real Estate Finance
Secretary – Angela Folkers, Love Funding
Treasurer – Roy Williams, Wells Fargo Multifamily Capital
Director at Large – Ann Cone, CBRE
Director at Large – Chip Moore, Highland Commercial Mortgage
Director at Large – Chris Chandler, M&T Realty Capital Corporation
Past President – Carolyn Whatley, Berkadia Commercial Mortgage
Past President – David Pinson, Newmark Knight Frank
Past President – Susan Hall, Highland Commercial Mortgage
Executive Director – Lisa Butler, Wells Fargo Multifamily Capital

Contact Information:

SMAC c/o Lisa Butler
5990 Chukker Ct.
Cumming, GA 30040
(678) 268-6807